The Best Pillows for Side Sleepers

A healthy and fit body is an important goal for most people. What many do not know is that even your sleeping habits can negatively affect your health and other bodily functions. This is why it is very important to choose the right pillow for your sleeping needs. Choosing the best pillow depends on how you sleep. If you spend most of the night sleeping on your side, you should choose a different pillow than the ones that are designed for people who sleep on their backs. Here's a good read about  pilllows for side sleeper , check it out! 

For people who sleep on their side, a lot of pressure and weight is transferred to one side of the shoulder and body. Like other parts of your body, the shoulder is made up of muscles and tendons that are just as vulnerable to situations where excessive pressure is applied on it. When perfectly aligned, a side sleeper of a side sleeper should be in line with his shoulder - this is the ideal side sleeping position. If your head is bent in the wrong direction, you will find yourself waking up with neck pain and cramps.

In fact, many side sleepers find themselves suffering from recurring neck and shoulder joint pain. This is caused by the pressure that is not evenly applied on that side of your body where pressure points are activated. If you fail to correct this problem at the earliest possible opportunity, you will be putting yourself at a high risk of developing problems such as rotator cuff injury, swollen joints, and even arthritis in worst case scenarios. Thankfully, scientific studies have gone a long way into developing pillows that help avoid these health problems and are designed specifically with side sleepers in mind.

A properly designed pillow for side sleepers includes strategically placed crevices and channels. Some designs will feature a channel underneath the pillow to permit your arm to pass through without putting unnecessary pressure on it. Other designs will have a small shelf at the front of the pillow which will allow you to tuck your shoulder comfortably under it while also providing ample support for your head further back.

Because head and neck support are a primary consideration for side sleepers, most of them will prefer medium to medium firm pillows. This will allow even weight distribution throughout the body. Firm pillows do not always have to be uncomfortable. They are just significantly denser than the lighter ones to provide added support. Whether you prefer down, synthetic down, fabric, or memory foam, firmness should be an essential consideration. Body pillows are also a popular choice for side sleepers because it adds spinal support at the knees as well. Body pillows are even recommended for pregnant women because of the extra support they provide to the stomach.